Friday, August 6, 2010

Grab the saddle!

I always love to do a thing where I even have a partner in crime.Its a passion,a sort of relief from my everyday stress.Riding(for me Pillion riding), is a real enjoyment,a passion for me.And my partner is my brother :).I love to be a pillion rider and watch the landscapes go by the side of me.I dunno where I got this interest.But I usually admire some persons from the Travel n Living channel...which is gonna be TLC from September 1st.The two travelers,who are my favorite most is Ian Wright and Samantha Brown.They both are very cheerful and sometimes I feel jealous of them.They have got a job which is their passion itself.My brother and I always go for a ride whenever its possible.Ofcourse with a lot of shouting from my mother.I sometimes get afraid of the roads.Its really dangerous.I could sometimes experience the risk in riding.We mostly dont have a destination in our mind.We just go wherever the road takes.I am bad in sensing the direction..But my brother..I dunno..I always suspect that he has an inbuilt GPS within him :)
Some places where we gone are truly spectacular.One such place is "Puliancholai".The road to puliancholai is a curvy,narrow one surrounded by Kolli hills.The day when we went to that place was a rainy day.It was very cloudy and the place I looked upon was very beautiful.We have got a double treat on that day.
The first treat is Puliancholai itself,a fantabulous place with less human activities and it has a river with chill water flowing straight from the Kolli hills.
The second treat is the rain on our return journey.We have been completely drenched and didnt even care about it.
An another interesting thing about riding is meeting new people.Once on the way to a dam,we got lost.There were two old ladies sitting under the shade of a tree.We just asked them how to go to that place and she said the way.Actually its not the thing which touched me.After that she was very concerned about us and she was saying repeatedly to have a safe journey.I assure,that a care from a complete stranger is the not the one we can always expect.But people out there do have a helping tendency.
I also love to travel by car,but I prefer the windows not to be closed.I love the wind flowing through.
My mother is usually afraid of us going out.She is afraid of the new places and some places where we couldnt even find a single human.But Wat make me fear the most is the other riders on the road.Some riders who always have the "Its my dad's road-attitude".Except these,riding is a real treat.I always have some song ringing in my head while riding.For me,Music and riding blend together well.
I love to explore more places in my future.I hope my mom allows me for real long rides.We sometimes feel pity for our bike.We used to say "Happy, it doesnt have a mouth!".
Riding is not that easy.Sometimes it would become very painful.The same experience we could get on riding a horse.But who cares,If we see the pain,We cant get the gain.Always the "saddle" is waiting for us to get us a new experience,more pain and even more excitement and happiness.


  1. Nice writing, i read thru yo August (9) posts. Really nice, well framed...keep it up.